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Web3 outside of the Ethereum Virtual Machine sucks, Mystic Labs is fixing that.

Mystic Labs is building the rails needed for mainstream crypto adoption, enhancing accessibility, efficiency, and safety across the decentralized finance markets.

what we do


We build and manage web3 software that helps advance DeFi UX inside & outside of the EVM.


We increase liquidity by building the rails that allow assets to freely flow across ecosystems and blockchains.


We run infastructure like Inter-Blockchain Communication relayers to increase cross-chain interopability.

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and many others.


Mystic Labs pioneers decentralized finance (DeFi) by seamlessly integrating non-Ethereum Web3 ecosystems with Ethereum's user experience. Using top-notch software, robust infrastructure, and fostering DeFi market liquidity, the company plays a vital role in connecting blockchains. This ensures secure, transparent, and swift financial transactions in a more inclusive and innovative decentralized landscape.