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Web3 outside of the Ethereum Virtual Machine sucks, Mystic Labs is fixing that.

Through our hard work in building great software and setting up strong infrastructure, Mystic Labs is leading the way in bringing the easy-to-use interface and smooth experience of Ethereum to other Web3 ecosystems outside of Ethereum. By copying Ethereum's user-friendly experience across different blockchain systems, we are making it easier for people to use DeFi markets, and bringing together the best of self-custody and decentralization outside of Ethereum. This effort not only makes transactions safe, clear, and quick, but also changes how people see and interact with Defi in different ecosystems. With our creative approach, we are closing the gap between Ethereum and other ecosystems, making Web3 technology more accessible and useful everywhere.

what we do


We build and manage web3 software that helps advance DeFi UX inside & outside of the EVM.


We run infastructure like Inter-Blockchain Communication relayers to increase cross-chain liquidity.

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Mystic Labs, a trailblazer in the decentralized finance (DeFi) arena, is devoted to expanding the reach of non-Ethereum Web3 ecosystems by blending them seamlessly with Ethereum's proven user interface and experience. This is accomplished through a three-pronged strategy of developing top-notch software, laying down solid infrastructure, and encouraging liquidity in the DeFi markets. The company's proficiency and forward-thinking projects are crucial in bridging the gap between Ethereum and other blockchain systems, ensuring safe, clear, and fast financial transactions across a more inclusive and innovative decentralized digital landscape.