Cosmos Extension for MetaMask FAQs

All it takes is 4 easy steps:

Step 1:
Head on over to

Step 2: Click the "Install MetaMask" button (if you haven't already installed MetaMask)

Step 3: Click the "Install Snap" button to install the Cosmos MetaMask extension

Step 4: Click the "Initialize Cosmos" button to sync your wallet with the default Cosmos Chains

And there you go! Time to explore the Cosmos!

With your Cosmos snap fully initialized and ready to go, you will probably want to bridge over some of your assets that are currently on EVM in your current MetaMask wallet.

You can use the built-in Squid Router widget that enables direct EVM to Cosmos swaps, directly in wallet.

Also, if you'd like to turn some of your fiat into crypto, you can use the in-wallet Kado Money integration.

This snap allows you to transact throughout the Cosmos ecosystem using your existing MetaMask wallet. This does not currently have direct support for any other assets, and any assets that are non-Cosmos native but somehow work with this snap have a Cosmos-native token standard.

If you are a developer, please refer to the official Cosmos Snap github for installation instructions:

For any questions related to installation/support, feel free to message us at

our other resources

reach out